Royal Essence

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Cardamom, the illustrious "Queen of Spices" and one of the world's most prized, not only adds richness to culinary experiences but also holds a history steeped in traditional medicine. With seeds, oils, and extracts teeming with antioxidants, cardamom emerges as a health ally, particularly in enhancing heart health and overall well-being.


  • Handmade in Chicago
  • 22k Gold Plating on Hypoallergenic Metals and tarnish resistance
  • Spice up your style with Cardamom Earring
  • Height: 2.2” | Widh: 1"
  • Weight: 5 gms

NOTE: Each piece is hand-carved; due to the nature of the craft, variations may occur in all jewelry products..

CARE: To care for this piece please clean and polish it with a soft cloth or tissue and store it separately. 

Avoid contact with perfume, chemicals, moisture, hand sanitizer, sprays, deodorants or liquids that contain chemicals which can cause jewelry to tarnish, discolor or even corrode. Remove your jewelry before shower, exercise, and swimming.