The Story of Designs by Uchita

Uchita's story is one of determination and ambition. Her journey began in Mumbai, India, and led her to Chicago to pursue her fashion aspirations. With a passion for design, she enrolled at Columbia College, immersing herself in the heart of a vibrant fashion scene while receiving an exceptional education. The varied and exciting vibe of Chicago made her even more creative and determined. As a fashion designer, Uchita has had the privilege of working with some of Bollywood's best-known designers. Not content with just this success, she resolutely decided to establish her own fashion brand, Designs by Uchita, in June 2021.

Her first collection was a beautiful mix of natural crystals and abstract lines, reflecting Uchita’s passion for unique designs. With her entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment, she has taken her brand from a humble $500 project to a fashion brand beloved by Chicagoans.

Uchita's collections, including her stunning Uchita 22k gold plated earrings online, features her trademark use of color, shapes, and quality materials. Handmade with an eye for perfection, her pieces have won her countless loyal fans. Uchita firmly believes the truest form of success is bringing joy to others’ lives, and her brand is a testament to that.