The Story of Designs by Uchita

Uchita was born in Mumbai, India and moved to Chicago in 2016. She is a successful fashion designer who has worked with various Bollywood designers and TV shows. Uchita is a driven entrepreneur and a passionate designer who believes the truest form of success is bringing happiness in others lives.

As a creative mind with a love of natural crystals, Uchita established 'Designs by Uchita' in June 2021 to bring her designs / sketches to life. Her first collection was a culmination of natural crystals and abstract lines. The foundation of her success has been her passion for unique designs and entrepreneurial spirit, which took Uchita from a $500 project to a fashion brand loved locally.

Known for her unique use of color, shapes and quality materials, she has created a collection of timeless pieces that has won over loyal fans. All her products are handmade and every piece is built to perfection.